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جەیمز ستیوارت

لە ئینسایکڵۆپیدیای ئازادی ویکیپیدیاوە
جەیمز ستیوارت
Foto publicitaria de la película de 1948 Call Northside 777, de Henry Hathaway
لەدایکبوونJames Maitland Stewart لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
٢٠ی ئایاری ١٩٠٨ لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
Indiana لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
مەرگ٢ی تەممووزی ١٩٩٧ لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە (٨٩ ساڵ ژیاوە)
Beverly Hills لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
گۆڕForest Lawn Memorial Park لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
  • Princeton University School of Architecture
  • Mercersburg Academy لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
پیشەئەفسەری سەربازی، فڕۆکەوان، ئەکتەری کەسایەتی، بەڕێوەبەرێکی تەلەڤیزیۆنی، سیناریۆنووس، کارمەندانی سەربازی، ئەکتەری شانۆ، شاعیر، ئەکتەری دۆبلێر، دەرھێنەری فیلم، ئەکتەر لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
شێوازچەشنی ڕۆژاوایی لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
حیزبپارتی کۆماری (ویلایەتە یەکگرتووەکان) لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
ھاوسەرGloria Hatrick McLean لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
  • Alexander Maitland Stewart لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
  • Elizabeth Ruth Stewart لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
  • Croix de guerre 1939–1945
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • مەدالیای ئازادی سەرۆکایەتی
  • Air Medal
  • Commendation Medal
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal
  • Croix de Guerre
  • Academy Award for Best Actor (The Philadelphia Story، 13th Academy Awards، ١٩٤٠)
  • Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award (١٩٦٤)
  • Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award (١٩٦٨)
  • AFI Life Achievement Award (١٩٨٠)
  • Kennedy Center Honors (١٩٨٣)
  • Academy Honorary Award (١٩٨٤)
  • مەدالیای ئازادی سەرۆکایەتی (١٩٨٥)
  • National Aviation Hall of Fame
  • World War II Victory Medal
  • Silver Bear
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
  • Golden Boot Awards (١٩٨٤)
  • Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Honorary Golden Bear (١٩٨٢) لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
Rankbrigadier general لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە
لقھێزی ئاسمانیی ویلایەتە یەکگرتووەکان، United States Army Air Corps، Air Force Reserve Command، United States Army Air Forces لەسەر ویکیدراوە دەستکاریی ئەمە بکە

جەیمز مایتلاند ستیوارت (بە ئینگلیزی: James Maitland Stewart) (٢٠ی ئایاری ١٩٠٨ - ٢ی تەمموزی ١٩٩٧) ئەکتەرێکی ئەمریکی بوو کە لە ساڵی ١٩٤٠ خەڵاتی ئۆسکاری وەرگرت.


ساڵ فیلم ڕۆڵ دەرھێنەر تێبینییەکان
1935 The Murder Man Shorty Tim Whelan With Spencer Tracy
1936 Rose Marie John Flower W. S. Van Dyke With Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald
Next Time We Love Christopher Tyler Edward H. Griffith With Margaret Sullavan
Wife vs. Secretary Dave Clarence Brown With Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
Small Town Girl Elmer William A. Wellman With Janet Gaynor and Robert Taylor
Speed Terry Martin Edwin L. Marin First top-billed role
With Wendy Barrie
The Gorgeous Hussy Roderick "Rowdy" Dow Clarence Brown With Joan Crawford and Lionel Barrymore
Born to Dance Ted Barker Roy Del Ruth With Eleanor Powell
After the Thin Man David Graham W. S. Van Dyke With William Powell and Myrna Loy
1937 Seventh Heaven Chico Henry King Remake of 1927 film
The Last Gangster Paul North Sr. Edward Ludwig With Edward G. Robinson
Navy Blue and Gold John "Truck Cross/John Cross Carter Sam Wood With Robert Young and Lionel Barrymore
1938 Of Human Hearts Jason Wilkins Clarence Brown With Walter Huston
Vivacious Lady Prof. Peter Morgan Jr. George Stevens With Ginger Rogers
The Shopworn Angel Pvt. William "Texas" Pettigrew H. C. Potter With Margaret Sullavan
You Can't Take It With You Tony Kirby Frank Capra With Lionel Barrymore
1939 Made for Each Other John Horace "Johnny" Mason John Cromwell With Carole Lombard
The Ice Follies of 1939 Larry Hall Reinhold Schünzel With Joan Crawford
It's a Wonderful World Guy Johnson W. S. Van Dyke With Claudette Colbert
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington[I] Jefferson Smith Frank Capra New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Nominated - Academy Award for Best Actor
Destry Rides Again[I] Thomas Jefferson Destry Jr. George Marshall With Marlene Dietrich
1940 The Shop Around the Corner[I] Alfred Kralik Ernst Lubitsch With Margaret Sullavan
The Mortal Storm Martin Breitner Frank Borzage With Margaret Sullavan
No Time for Comedy Gaylord "Gay" Esterbrook William Keighley With Rosalind Russell
The Philadelphia Story[I] Macaulay "Mike" Connor George Cukor Academy Award for Best Actor
With Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn
1941 Come Live with Me Bill Smith Clarence Brown With Hedy Lamarr
Pot o' Gold James Hamilton "Jimmy" Haskel George Marshall With Paulette Goddard
Ziegfeld Girl Gilbert "Gil" Young Robert Z. Leonard With Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr and Lana Turner
1946 It's a Wonderful Life[I] George Bailey Frank Capra Nominated - Academy Award for Best Actor
With Donna Reed
1947 Magic Town Lawrence "Rip" Smith William A. Wellman With Jane Wyman
1948 Call Northside 777 P.J. McNeal Henry Hathaway With Lee J. Cobb
On Our Merry Way Slim King Vidor
Leslie Fenton
John Huston
George Stevens
With Henry Fonda
Rope Rupert Cadell Alfred Hitchcock With Farley Granger
You Gotta Stay Happy Marvin Payne H.C. Potter With Joan Fontaine and Eddie Albert
1949 The Stratton Story Monty Stratton Sam Wood With June Allyson
Malaya John Royer Richard Thorpe With Spencer Tracy and Lionel Barrymore
1950 Winchester '73 Lin McAdam Anthony Mann With Shelley Winters and Dan Duryea
Broken Arrow Tom Jeffords Delmer Daves With Jeff Chandler and Debra Paget
Harvey Elwood P. Dowd Henry Koster Nominated - Academy Award for Best Actor
Nominated - Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama
The Jackpot Bill Lawrence Walter Lang With Barbara Hale
1951 No Highway in the Sky Theodore Honey Henry Koster With Marlene Dietrich
1952 The Greatest Show on Earth Buttons Cecil B. DeMille With Charlton Heston
Bend of the River Glyn McLyntock Anthony Mann With Julie Adams and Rock Hudson
Carbine Williams David Marshall "Marsh" Williams Richard Thorpe With Jean Hagen
1953 The Naked Spur[I] Howard Kemp Anthony Mann With Janet Leigh and Robert Ryan
Thunder Bay Steve Martin Anthony Mann With Joanne Dru and Dan Duryea
The Glenn Miller Story Glenn Miller Anthony Mann Nominated - BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actor
1954 Rear Window[I] L.B. "Jeff" Jeffries Alfred Hitchcock With Grace Kelly
The Far Country Jeff Webster Anthony Mann With Walter Brennan
1955 Strategic Air Command Lt. Col. Robert "Dutch" Holland Anthony Mann With June Allyson
The Man from Laramie Will Lockhart Anthony Mann With Arthur Kennedy
Artists and Models Man on balcony Frank Tashlin Cameo
1956 The Man Who Knew Too Much Dr. Ben McKenna Alfred Hitchcock With Doris Day
1957 The Spirit of St. Louis Charles Augustus "Slim" Lindbergh Billy Wilder With Murray Hamilton
Night Passage Grant McLaine James Neilson With Audie Murphy and Dan Duryea
1958 Vertigo[I] Det. John "Scottie" Ferguson Alfred Hitchcock San Sebastián International Film Festival Award for Best Actor
With Kim Novak
Bell, Book and Candle Shepherd "Shep" Henderson Richard Quine With Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs
1959 Anatomy of a Murder Paul Biegler Otto Preminger Laurel Award for Top Male Dramatic Performance
New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Venice Film Festival - Volpi Cup
Nominated - Academy Award for Best Actor
Nominated - BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Actor
The FBI Story John Michael "Chip" Hardesty Mervyn LeRoy With Vera Miles
1960 The Mountain Road Major Baldwin Daniel Mann With Lisa Lu
1961 Two Rode Together Marshal Guthrie McCabe John Ford Nominated - Laurel Award for Top Action Performance (3rd place)
With Richard Widmark
1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance[I] Ransom Stoddard John Ford Bronze Wrangler for Theatrical Motion Picture
With John Wayne and Lee Marvin
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Roger Hobbs Henry Koster Silver Bear for Best Actor
Nominated - Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy
Nominated - Laurel Award for Top Male Comedy Performance (3rd place)
How the West Was Won[I] Linus Rawlings Henry Hathaway With Walter Brennan and Carroll Baker
1963 Take Her, She's Mine Frank Michaelson Henry Koster Nominated - Laurel Award for Top Male Comedy Performance (4th place)
1964 Cheyenne Autumn Wyatt Earp John Ford With Arthur Kennedy as Doc Holliday
1965 Dear Brigitte Prof. Robert Leaf Henry Koster With Glynis Johns and Fabian
Shenandoah Charlie Anderson Andrew McLaglen With Doug McClure and Katharine Ross
The Flight of the Phoenix Capt. Frank Towns Robert Aldrich With Richard Attenborough and Peter Finch
1966 The Rare Breed Sam Burnett Andrew McLaglen With Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith
1968 Firecreek Johnny Cobb Vincent McEveety With Henry Fonda
Bandolero! Mace Bishop Andrew McLaglen With Dean Martin and Raquel Welch
1970 The Cheyenne Social Club John O'Hanlan Gene Kelly With Henry Fonda
1971 Fools' Parade Mattie Appleyard Andrew McLaglen With George Kennedy and Kurt Russell
1976 The Shootist Dr. E.W. Hostetler Don Siegel With John Wayne
1977 Airport '77 Philip Stevens Jerry Jameson With Jack Lemmon
1978 The Big Sleep General Sternwood Michael Winner With Robert Mitchum
The Magic of Lassie Clovis Mitchell Don Chaffey With Mickey Rooney
1981 Afurika Monogatari (A Tale of Africa, released in the U. S. as The Green Horizon) Old Man Susumu Hani Cameo
1991 An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Wylie Burp Phil Nibbelink
Simon Wells
Voice only
^ I denotes film preservation in the United States National Film Registry.



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