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سەحی سەوزY

Documentation icon بەڵگەنامەی داڕێژە[بینین] [دەستکاری] [مێژوو] [پاکسازی]

داڕێژە:Format TemplateData

ئەمانەش ببینە

نیشانەکانی ڕاست و چەوت
نیشانە ڕاستەکان نیشانە چەوتەکان
{{check mark}} Green tickY {{x mark big}} Red XN
{{tick}} = {{tick|20}} ☑Y {{cross}} = {{cross|20}} ☒N
{{ئا}} سەحی سەوزY {{نا}} ئێکسی سوورN
{{ya}} Yes {{na}} No
{{check mark-n}} بەڵێY {{x mark-n}} نەخێرN
{{y&}} {{n&}}
{{لەوانەیە}} سەحی پرتەقاڵیY
{{سندووقی سەحلێدراو}} checked box {{xed box}} سندووقی چەوت لێدراو
نیشانەکانی تر
{{n.b.}} داڕێژە:N.b. {{تێنەگەیشتم}}  تێنەگەیشتم
{{bang}} نیشانەی سەڕسوڕمان-
Most of the templates above are fully sortable in a class="sortable" table (each check mark is assigned an undisplayed "Y" and each cross mark an undisplayed "N").

Inline icon templates by shape and color

Any of the following inline, comment-level templates can be converted into {{Resolved}}-style hatnotes by using {{Resbox}} to put a box around the icon and text.

Green check marks
داڕێژە:Resolved mark large {{Resolved mark large}}
داڕێژە:Implemented {{Implemented}}
داڕێژە:PImplemented {{PImplemented}}
داڕێژە:Resolved mark {{Resolved mark}}
داڕێژە:Accepted {{Accepted}}
داڕێژە:Agree {{Agree}}
داڕێژە:Approved {{Approved}}
داڕێژە:Checked2 {{Checked2}}
داڕێژە:Verified {{Verified}}
داڕێژە:Conditional yes {{Conditional yes}}
داڕێژە:Confirmed {{Confirmed}}
داڕێژە:Confirmed-nc {{Confirmed-nc}}
داڕێژە:Tallyho {{Tallyho}}
داڕێژە:Blockedtaggedclosing {{Blockedtaggedclosing}}
Green tickY {{Check mark}}
☑Y {{Tick}}
داڕێژە:Helped {{Helped}}
 کرا {{Done}}
داڕێژە:Donetask {{Donetask}}
داڕێژە:Unprod {{Unprod}}
داڕێژە:Autp {{Autp}}
داڕێژە:Responded {{Responded}}
داڕێژە:Merge done {{Merge done}}
داڕێژە:Marked {{Marked}}
داڕێژە:Done-t {{Done-t}}
داڕێژە:Pass {{Pass}}
سەحی سەوزY {{Aye}}
 بەڵێ {{Yes check}}
Cross marks
Red XN {{X mark big}}
☒N {{Cross}}
داڕێژە:Expired {{Expired}}
داڕێژە:Deleted {{Deleted}}
داڕێژە:Not done {{Not done}}
داڕێژە:Not done not likely {{Not done not likely}}
داڕێژە:Stale-small {{Stale-small}}
داڕێژە:Smallrejected {{Smallrejected}}
داڕێژە:X mark {{X mark}}
ئێکسی سوورN {{Nay}}
داڕێژە:No mark {{No mark}}
داڕێژە:No pass {{No pass}}
داڕێژە:Not done-t {{Not done-t}}
داڕێژە:Fail {{Fail}}
نەخێرN {{X mark-n}}
سندووقی چەوت لێدراو {{Xed box}}
داڕێژە:Cancelled {{Cancelled}}
داڕێژە:Deleted-image {{Deleted-image}}
داڕێژە:Already declined {{Already declined}}
داڕێژە:Opblocked {{Opblocked}}
داڕێژە:User-blocked {{User-blocked}}
داڕێژە:Notabug {{Notabug}}
داڕێژە:Notfixed {{Notfixed}}
داڕێژە:Won't fix {{Won't fix}}
داڕێژە:Withdraw {{Withdraw}}
داڕێژە:Nojoy {{Nojoy}}
داڕێژە:Unrelated {{Unrelated}}
داڕێژە:Off-topic talk {{Off-topic talk}}
Black check marks
داڕێژە:Already done {{Already done}}
داڕێژە:Resolved1 {{Resolved1}}
بەڵێY {{Check mark-n}}
داڕێژە:Checked {{Checked}}
checked box {{Checked box}}
Yellow check marks
داڕێژە:Yellow tick {{Yellow tick}}
داڕێژە:Half done {{Half done}}
داڕێژە:Partly done {{Partly done}}
داڕێژە:Partly done-t {{Partly done-t}}
Blue check marks
داڕێژە:Semi-done {{Semi-done}}
داڕێژە:Fixed {{Fixed}}
داڕێژە:Fixed by reporter {{Fixed by reporter}}
داڕێژە:Bug pending {{Bug pending}}
داڕێژە:Bug resolved {{Bug resolved}}
داڕێژە:Blockedandtagged {{Blockedandtagged}}
داڕێژە:Blockedwithouttags {{Blockedwithouttags}}
داڕێژە:Ipbedone {{Ipbedone}}
داڕێژە:IPblock {{IPblock}}
داڕێژە:Pblock {{Pblock}}
داڕێژە:Psblock {{Psblock}}
داڕێژە:Rblock {{Rblock}}
Minus sign
داڕێژە:Close {{Close}}
داڕێژە:Denied {{Denied}}
داڕێژە:Disagree {{Disagree}}
داڕێژە:Unapproved {{Unapproved}}
داڕێژە:NotBug {{NotBug}}
داڕێژە:Duplicate bug {{Duplicate bug}}
داڕێژە:Invalid {{Invalid}}
داڕێژە:Declined {{Declined}}
داڕێژە:No action {{No action}}
داڕێژە:Nocomment {{Nocomment}}
داڕێژە:Unnecessary {{Unnecessary}}
داڕێژە:Nc {{Nc}}
داڕێژە:Removed {{Removed}}
Plus sign
داڕێژە:Added {{Added}}
داڕێژە:Posted {{Posted}}
داڕێژە:Works for me {{Works for me}}
داڕێژە:Likely {{Likely}}
داڕێژە:Endorse {{Endorse}}
داڕێژە:Decline {{Decline}}
داڕێژە:Decline-IP {{Decline-IP}}
داڕێژە:Cu-endorsed {{Cu-endorsed}}
داڕێژە:Cudecline {{Cudecline}}
داڕێژە:Delisted {{Delisted}}
داڕێژە:Inconclusive {{Inconclusive}}
داڕێژە:N/A icon {{N/A icon}}
Neutral sign
داڕێژە:Bug closed {{Bug closed}}
داڕێژە:Bug new {{Bug new}}
داڕێژە:GA2ndopinion {{GA2ndopinion}}
Purple turn-right
داڕێژە:Deferred {{Deferred}}
داڕێژە:Deferabusefilter {{Deferabusefilter}}
داڕێژە:Deferblack {{Deferblack}}
داڕێژە:Defermetablack {{Defermetablack}}
داڕێژە:Deferrsn {{Deferrsn}}
داڕێژە:Deferspam {{Deferspam}}
داڕێژە:Deferspambot {{Deferspambot}}
داڕێژە:Deferwhite {{Deferwhite}}
Simple clock
داڕێژە:PendingRequest {{PendingRequest}}
داڕێژە:GAOnHold {{GAOnHold}}
داڕێژە:On hold {{On hold}}
داڕێژە:OnHoldUntil {{OnHoldUntil}}
داڕێژە:ProposalOnHold {{ProposalOnHold}}
داڕێژە:Reviewing request {{Reviewing request}}
داڕێژە:Awaitingadmin {{Awaitingadmin}}
داڕێژە:Await {{Await}}
داڕێژە:Later {{Later}}
داڕێژە:Tobedone {{Tobedone}}
داڕێژە:Discussing {{Discussing}}
داڕێژە:Doing {{Doing}}
داڕێژە:Isdoing {{Isdoing}}
داڕێژە:Started {{Started}}
داڕێژە:Inprogress {{Inprogress}}
داڕێژە:Checking {{Checking}}
داڕێژە:Reviewing {{Reviewing}}
Note mark
داڕێژە:NeedsDiscussion {{NeedsDiscussion}}
داڕێژە:Note2 {{Note2}}
داڕێژە:A note {{A note}}
داڕێژە:Administrator note {{Administrator note}}
داڕێژە:Bug assigned {{Bug assigned}}
داڕێژە:High priority {{High priority}}
داڕێژە:N.b. {{N.b.}}
داڕێژە:Urgent {{Urgent}}
نیشانەی سەڕسوڕمان- {{Bang}}
داڕێژە:Archive now {{Archive now}}
داڕێژە:Bureaucrat note {{Bureaucrat note}}
داڕێژە:CUnote {{CUnote}}
داڕێژە:Bug acknowledged {{Bug acknowledged}} ({{Ack}})
داڕێژە:Bug confirmed {{Bug confirmed}}
داڕێژە:Comment {{Comment}}
داڕێژە:Remind {{Remind}}
داڕێژە:Remark {{Remark}}
داڕێژە:Clerk-Note {{Clerk-Note}}
داڕێژە:Clerk-Note-bot {{Clerk-Note-bot}}
داڕێژە:Editor-Note {{Editor-Note}}
داڕێژە:Renamer note {{Renamer note}}
داڕێژە:Coordinator-note {{Coordinator-note}}
Question mark
داڕێژە:Suggestion {{Suggestion}}
داڕێژە:Maybe-t {{Maybe-t}}
داڕێژە:Maybe-i {{Maybe-i}}
داڕێژە:Qmark {{Qmark}}
داڕێژە:Question mark {{Question mark}}
داڕێژە:InfoNeeded {{InfoNeeded}}
داڕێژە:Not done for now {{Not done for now}}
داڕێژە:Not sure {{Not sure}}
داڕێژە:Notsure {{Notsure}}
داڕێژە:Investigating {{Investigating}}
داڕێژە:Question {{Question}}
داڕێژە:Question {{Question|label=foo}}
داڕێژە:MoreInfo {{MoreInfo}}
داڕێژە:Bug feedback {{Bug feedback}}
داڕێژە:Bulb {{Bulb}}
داڕێژە:Bulb2 {{Bulb2}}
داڕێژە:Idea {{Idea}}
داڕێژە:NewProposal {{NewProposal}}
داڕێژە:Thank you {{Thank you}}
داڕێژە:Thank you very much {{Thank you very much}}
داڕێژە:You're welcome {{You're welcome}}
داڕێژە:Sorry {{Sorry}}
داڕێژە:Thank {{Thank}}
داڕێژە:WikiThanks {{WikiThanks}}
Thumb sign
هێمای پەسەن نەکردن {{Thumbs down}}
پەسەندکردن {{Thumbs up}}
thumbs up مەزنە! {{Great}}
داڕێژە:Like {{Like}}
Not facebook not like thumbs down.pngحەزلێ نەبوون {{Dislike}}


داڕێژە:Awaiting {{Awaiting}}
داڕێژە:Commentvote {{Commentvote}}
داڕێژە:Bug dupe {{Bug dupe}}
داڕێژە:Clerk-Note-merged {{Clerk-Note-merged}}
داڕێژە:NewBug {{NewBug}}
داڕێژە:BugFixed {{BugFixed}}
داڕێژە:DuplicateProposal {{DuplicateProposal}}
داڕێژە:ProposalOutOfScope {{ProposalOutOfScope}}
داڕێژە:Moved to commons {{Moved to commons}}
داڕێژە:Orz {{Orz}}
داڕێژە:Possibly {{Possibly}}
داڕێژە:Read {{Read}}
داڕێژە:Redflag {{Redflag}}
داڕێژە:Redundant symbol {{Redundant symbol}}
داڕێژە:Reopened {{Reopened}}
@Example: {{Reply to}}
داڕێژە:Reverted {{Reverted}}
داڕێژە:Twomanrule {{Twomanrule}}
داڕێژە:UnderReview {{UnderReview}}
داڕێژە:Facepalm {{Facepalm}}
داڕێژە:Scissors {{Scissors}}
داڕێژە:Self-trout {{Self-trout}}
داڕێژە:Sent {{Sent}}
داڕێژە:Snow {{Snow}}
داڕێژە:Stale GAN {{Stale GAN}}
داڕێژە:SULcheck {{SULcheck}}
داڕێژە:ToDo {{ToDo}}
داڕێژە:Undone {{Undone}}
داڕێژە:Uploaded {{Uploaded}}
داڕێژە:Warnsign {{Warnsign}}
داڕێژە:Withdrawn {{Withdrawn}}
داڕێژە:Working {{Working}}
داڕێژە:WPcrystalball {{WPcrystalball}}
داڕێژە:Completed {{Completed}}
داڕێژە:Sblock {{Sblock}}
داڕێژە:Possible {{Possible}}
داڕێژە:Impossible {{Impossible}}
داڕێژە:Possilikely {{Possilikely}}
داڕێژە:Unlikely {{Unlikely}}
داڕێژە:Duck {{Duck}}
داڕێژە:Megaphoneduck {{Megaphoneduck}}
داڕێژە:Megaphoneduck {{Megaphoneduck|ultimate}}
داڕێژە:Clerk Request {{Clerk Request}}
داڕێژە:Relisted {{Relisted}}
داڕێژە:Nosleepers {{Nosleepers}}
داڕێژە:Behaviour {{Behaviour}}
داڕێژە:StaleIP {{StaleIP}}
داڕێژە:8ball {{8ball}}
داڕێژە:Crystalball {{Crystalball}}
داڕێژە:Fishing {{Fishing}}
داڕێژە:Pixiedust {{Pixiedust}}
داڕێژە:Shrug {{Shrug}}

Multi-sign templates

The following templates implement several icons: