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ھەڵەی لوا لە مۆدیوول:Navbar لە ڕیزی 62:سەردێڕی نادروست مێژووی {{{country}}}.

بەڵگەدارکردنی داڕێژە[ببینە] [دەستکاری بکە] [مێژوو] [پاکسازی]


This template is intended for sidebar ("series") navbox templates about the history of a country (e.g. Template:History of France) or region (e.g. Template:History of Berlin).

Parameters Brief instructions
{{Region history
|country = 
|linkoverride = 
|image = 
|width = 
|bold  = 
|series = 
|portal =
|abovestyle = 

|data1  = 
|data2  = 
|data3  = 
|data4  = 
|data5  = 
|data6  = 
|data7  = 
|data8  = 
|data9  = 
|data10 = 

|data30 = 
|templateoverride = 

The name of the country or region.
OPTIONAL (see below).
A related image, using standard wikiformatting.*1
Template's, preferably in [[Em (typography)|em]] units.
Use "no" if subheadings are included, otherwise "yes".
If empty gives wikilink to the general category of the region/country.*2
Default is a link to the country portal.*3

Any "dataN =" entry may be replaced with "headerN =" to
produce a subheading.

  Use if the link to the article about the country's
  history is different from "[[History of Country]]",
  e.g. [[History of the Czech lands|Czech history]]

Currently, up to 30 data/header entries available.

*1 e.g. [[Image:Image.png|120px|Caption]]

*2 to point the link to Category:History of [name], use |series=History of [name]

*2 parameter no gives no portal link, if none exists.


بەشێک لە زنجیرەیەکە لەسەر
مێژووی Slovenia
Coat of arms of Slovenia
Samo's Realm
March of Carniola
Windic march
Illyrian Provinces
Kingdom of Illyria
Duchy of Carniola
Drava Banovina
Province of Ljubljana
Socialist Republic of Slovenia
Republic of Slovenia
Portal-puzzle.svg دەروازەی Slovenia
{{Country history
|country = Slovenia
|image = [[Image:Coat of Arms of Slovenia.svg|80px|Coat of arms of Slovenia]]
|imagestyle = padding:0.5em 0;
|width = 18em;
|bold  = xes

|data1  = [[Samo|Samo's Realm]]
|data2  = [[Carantania]]
|data3  = [[Carniola]]
|data4  = [[March of Carniola]]
|data5  = [[Windic march]]
|data6  = [[Illyrian Provinces]]
|data7  = [[Kingdom of Illyria]]
|data8  = [[Duchy of Carniola]]
|data9  = [[Drava Banovina]]
|data10 = [[Province of Ljubljana]]
|data11 = [[Socialist Republic of Slovenia]]
|data12 = [[سلۆڤێنیا|Republic of Slovenia]]

بەشێک لە زنجیرەیەکە لەسەر
مێژووی Berlin
Coat of arms of Berlin
1920s Berlin
During Nazi Germany
Welthauptstadt Germania
Bombing of Berlin in World War II
After the Second World War
Berlin Blockade
{{Region history
|country = Berlin
|image = [[File:Coat of arms of Berlin.svg|80px|Coat of arms of Berlin]]
|imagestyle = padding:0.5em 0;
|width = 18em;
|bold  = no
|series = History of Berlin
|portal= no

|data1  = [[1920s Berlin]]
|header2 = During Nazi Germany
|data3  = [[Welthauptstadt Germania]]
|data4  = [[Bombing of Berlin in World War II]]
|header5 = After the Second World War
|data6  = [[Berlin Blockade]]