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داڕێژە:R from plural

لە ئینسایکڵۆپیدیای ئازادی ویکیپیدیاوە
باز بدە بۆ: ڕێدۆزی، گەڕان
  • This is a redirect from a plural noun to its singular form.
  • This is a redirect from a plural word to the singular equivalent. You may use the aliased template {{R to singular}} to accomplish the same end.
  • This redirect link is used for convenience, usually for plurals that do not follow simple conventions. In many cases, it is preferable to add the plural directly after the link (that is, [[link]]s). However, do not replace these redirected links with a simpler link unless the page is updated for another reason (see WP:NOTBROKEN). For more information follow the category link.
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