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لە ئینسایکڵۆپیدیای ئازادی ویکیپیدیاوە
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Red card {{{2}}}', {{{3}}}'

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optional parameter, number of yellow cards issued prior to red (0, 1 or 2)
خولەک1, خولەک2
optional parameter, time the cards were issued.


  • {{دەرکردن}} -> Red card
  • {{دەرکردن|1}} -> Yellow cardRed card
  • {{دەرکردن|2}} -> Yellow cardYellow cardRed card
  • {{دەرکردن|0|27}} -> Red card 27'
  • {{دەرکردن|1|67|88}} -> Yellow cardRed card 67', 88'
  • {{دەرکردن|2|23|60}} -> Yellow cardYellow cardRed card 23', 60'

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