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بەڵگەدارکردنی داڕێژە[ببینە] [دەستکاری بکە] [مێژوو] [پاکسازی]

This template is used to provide per-page instructions to bots (such as "don't edit this page"), either to all bots or to a specified list of bots. (Bots are not required to follow this standard; it is entirely optional.) The template can provide any custom instructions, but there is a standard syntax:

  • allow edits: {{bots|allow=none}} or {{bots|allow=all}} or {{bots|allow=BotName1,BotName2,...}}
  • deny edits: {{bots|deny=none}} or {{bots|deny=all}} or {{bots|deny=BotName1,BotName2,...}}

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