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مایکڵ جاکسن: جیاوازیی نێوان پێداچوونەوەکان

بەبێ کورتەی دەستکاری
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| alt = A mid-twenties African American man wearing a sequined military jacket and dark sunglasses. He is walking while waving his right hand, which is adorned with a white glove. His left hand is bare.
| background = solo_singer
| birth_name = مایکڵ جۆزێپ جاکسن<ref name = "Legal name" />
| alias =پاشای پۆپ, <!-- Legal aliases only. This is not a value for nicknames.-->
| birth_date = {{Birth date|١٩٥٨|٨|٢٩|mf=yes}}
| birth_place = ئەمریکا.
| = گۆرانیبێژ ، میوزیک ژەن, ئاوازدانەر, دانسەر, بەڕێوبەری دانس, بەرهەمهێنەری دەنگی, ئەکتەر, بازرگان, خێرخواز
| years_active = ١٩٦٤–٢٠٠٩
| label = [[Motown]], [[Epic Records|Epic]], [[Legacy Recordings|Legacy]], [[MJJ Music|MJJ Productions]]
| associated_acts =
[[پەڕگە: Michael Jackson signature.svg|150px]]<br />وواژووی مایکڵ